Van & Roxanne

“Van and Roxanne put the power and control of one’s well-being
back where it belongs – with the individual.”
Valerie Francis

Van Clayton PowelVan Clayton Powel in NepalVan has combined his clinical experience with both Western Medicine and Eastern Therapies into a unique and powerful approach to total mind-body fitness.

He is the author of the highly acclaimed book You Are NOT What You Eat, the creator of the Runner’s Yoga Program, and the founder of Mind Body Fitness, Inc.

Van is a published and award-winning Psychiatric Nurse who augmented his training in Western Medicine with years in Asia studying Martial Arts, Yoga, Meditation, and traditional medical systems. He has studied with some of the world’s top Ayurvedic physicians and yoga instructors and developed several of his own forms of yoga.

Known for his practical and realistic approach to wellness issues, Van says, “I’ve been there – from major sports injuries to weight loss … from quitting smoking to dealing with chronic illness, so I know first-hand how difficult the challenges can be. And I know what works.”

Since founding Mind-Body Fitness in 1996, his clients have included the Canadian National Snowboard Team, Olympic athletes and coaches, major corporations such as VISA and Intrawest, and thousands of individuals seeking optimal health and performance.*

Van no longer teaches regular classes but is available for a limited number of private and corporate sessions. You can contact him at mail ‘at’ to discuss your goals. He sets his fees dependent on your personal situation.

*You can read more about Van on his Blog here.
can be found at & You Are NOT What You Eat

Roxanne ChappellRoxanne Chappell in NepalRoxanne has been active in Martial Arts and Healing Arts since 1970. She earned her 2nd Degree Black Belt in Aikido while living in Tokyo, studied T’ai Chi and Qi Gong with several noted Masters, and had a vast following of students for her own classes and videos in the greater Vancouver area.

She was the founder and director of one of North America’s favourite Martial Arts camps, The Women’s Festival of Martial Arts, and after studying with some of North America’s top Ashtanga yoga instructors, she added this powerful therapy to her teachings.

In 1995 she moved to Whistler and began teaching classes and corporate workshops, and offering private treatments for emotional and physical healing using therapies such as Korean Hand Therapy (needle-less acupuncture) and Emotional Freedom Technique.

On Christmas Eve 2004 she created a unique opportunity to test these techniques on herself when she broke her back in a paragliding accident.

Even as she lay all alone at the bottom of a cliff, she started using the methods she has taught so many others, methods that probably saved her life.”KHT and EFT helped me deal with the incredible pain and fear,” she says. “And even before I could walk again I was using things like Qi Gong, yoga, and TheStick to accelerate healing.

The Neurosurgeons were baffled that she wasn’t paralyzed, and said there was nothing they could do. Within six months, she was teaching yoga again.

An inspirational, joyful healer who truly understands the challenges we can face, Roxanne has developed an international clientele for her Tarot Readings, Palmistry, and Healings.

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Van Powel & Roxanne Chappell

Roxanne & Van in Australia, 1974
Nepal, 2004

Van and Roxanne met in high school and have been together for over 50 years. They test and model everything they teach others – practical, realistic approaches to a long, healthy, happy life. “Everything we offer others, we use ourselves,” they say.

You will be nurtured, supported and encouraged as you learn how to keep yourself healthy and fit, physically and mentally, with the most powerful techniques they have collected from around the world.

They currently live on Malcolm Island in British Columbia, Canada.


Text: 604.902.3881

Landline only (no text): 250.973.2035

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