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“It happened totally and completely the way you said it would.
ne of the best readings I’ve ever had.”
“Just your presence alone is very healing.”
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Roxanne is a gifted Reader who will tell you exactly what she sees, yet always with heartfelt warmth and support for the journey you are on, and sincere faith that you can overcome and grow from any challenges.

Her clients contact her from around the world year after year, not only for her clear insights, but also for the practical techniques she offers so that you can continue to work on your own.

She met her own unique challenge on Christmas Eve 2004 when she broke her back in a paragliding accident in Nepal (story here) where she and her husband were celebrating their 50th birthdays and 30th anniversary. Within a year she was walking again, back teaching Ashtanga yoga, and noticing that the experience had somehow bumped her readings into an entirely new level.

Roxanne is a model for everything she teaches, grounding and clearing herself with almost 50 years of training and 40 years of teaching modalities like Yoga, Ta’i Chi, Meditation, Martial Arts (2nd Degree Black Belt Aikido), Dreamwork, and Energy Healing (EFT, Reiki, Qi Gong, etc.)

And she would love to do a reading with you!

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“That was crazy accurate. Thank you!”

“When you first read my cards I wasn’t sure what it all meant.
But it soon came to pass, and it happened totally and completely
the way you said it would. Then everything came together and
made sense to me. It’s one of the best readings I’ve ever had …”

“I just want to tell you that you were bang on.”
A. S.

“After I had a phone reading with Roxanne where she told me I still
had some more issues to work out, I went to some other readers over
the next few months. They assured me nothing was wrong and that
everything would be okay. But Roxanne was right – I still had some
more issues and challenges to go through. I thank her for her clarity
and honesty and her positive outlook. She gave me hope.”

“Thank you for the healing. I feel so much better!”

“You really hit the nail on the head for my son. I know he’s
going to carry this reading throughout his whole life – it really
meant a lot to him. Thank you.”
DJ, Florida

“I don’t trust many people, but Roxanne is amazing!
The reading she gave me was truly life transforming and
helped me so much with relationships and life choices.”
D. Pennington

“I really like your reading. Just your presence alone is very healing.
The reading gave a jump start and insight to my self.”

“I’ve never felt this way before. I feel so clear and fresh and a
breeze on my face. Everything is clear and the negative things
are gone. I feel really relaxed.”
Georgia V. (11 years old)

“Your reading was very accurate for both of us.
Especially emotionally and about work.”
Jasmine and Carla

“I had an extreme case of allergies. I was so congested and it felt
very heavy behind my eyes and in my nose. There was a lot of
pressure as well. After Roxanne used energetic healing and
Korean Hand Therapy I felt it all being whisked away. I was so
much clearer for my job interview that was just minutes away.”

“After 5 minutes the deep pain in my shoulder blades was gone.
I’d had it for five years!”
Lily C.

“Your reading was so perfect and is so powerful for me.
It is clear what I need to do in my family now!”
Astrid Cameron Kent

“You’ve taken my fear of Tarot cards away.”
CB, Seattle

“Before I can start to enjoy my holiday it usually takes me
24 hours to unwind and de-stress. But after your healing I
feel so much calmer and lighter.”
Napoleon, Mexico City

“All the questions I had in my mind have been answered.”
Vanessa, Whistler

*For many years Whistler’s busiest and most popular psychic, Roxanne then moved to Vancouver Island where she’s available for Private, Phone, and Event Readings. She also still does Phone/Skype readings with her wonderful clients from around the world and would love to hear from you!


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Roxanne Chappell Whistler Psychic

“The Neurosurgeons were amazed that Roxanne wasn’t paralyzed by her injuries, and decided that operating was too risky. Two years to the day after the accident, she kicked up into a handstand.”

Roxanne has been active in Martial Arts, Healing Arts, and Energy Techniques since 1970 when she began studying yoga and her first Martial Art, Kung Fu. A few years later she moved to Tokyo for three years where she earned her 2nd Degree Black Belt in Takeda style Aikido. While in Japan she also studied Shiatsu (acupressure), Kempo, and Jo-Do.

On her return to Canada she taught Aikido classes and entered the realm of “soft” Martial Arts, immersing herself in Wu and Yang style T’ai Chi with numerous teachers until they blessed her transition into the teacher’s role. Within two years she had a vast following of students and was teaching workshops and classes in a wide variety of settings, doing demonstrations, entering competitions, and producing an instructional video.

After participating in The Pacific Association of Women’s Martial Arts in California, she was inspired to create a Canadian equivalent and brought together three other women to help her produce the Women’s Festival of Martial Arts (WFMA). WFMA quickly became one of North America’s favourite Martial Arts camps and in her eight years as Director, Roxanne helped bring some of North America’s top women Martial Artists to British Columbia.

She also transferred her focus to Qi Gong during this time, studying Nei style with Master Peng and Liang Gong with Master Wen Mei Yu from California.

In the mid-nineties she added a daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga to her routine, taking workshops and classes with some of the world’s top teachers, and quickly adapting aspects of yoga to her martial arts training and teaching.

In 1995 she began been teaching Yoga, T’ai Chi, Qi Gong, Dream Interpretation, and Meditation in the Sea-to-Sky Corridor and sponsoring workshops in areas such as Shamanic Drumming and Plant Spirit Medicine.

In 1999 she traveled to southern India and found a perfect blending of healing and martial arts when she spent a month living in the Kalari Payat school of Balachandran Master in Kerala.

In the true tradition of Kalari Payat Masters, Balachandran was renowned as a Healer as well as a Warrior, since his healing skills were frequently put to the test due to the intense and dangerous training the students engage in. Roxanne was awestruck by this art that many scholars consider to be the Mother of all martial arts, and she quickly added the healing and grounding techniques of Kalari Payat to her repertoire.

In 2000 she began studying with Les Moncrieff, a Registered Acupuncturist trained in China who has developed a unique and proven approach to Korean Hand Therapy (needle-less acupuncture) and Emotional Freedom Technique (first developed by American psychologist Dr. Robert Callahan.)

Roxanne Chappell paragliding in Nepal

Everything changed dramatically for Roxanne on Christmas Eve 2004 when she was celebrating her 50th birthday and 30th anniversary paragliding in Nepal. She crashed on the landing of her 52nd flight and required all of her skills to survive as she lay alone at the bottom of a cliff, in agony with a shattered vertebra. (Read about it here.)

Roxanne Chappell's burst vertebrae

“As always, the greatest challenges hold the greatest gifts,” she says, “and something happened that day that opened me to new paths. Offering my readings and healing techniques to others is one of those, and I feel humbled that people are so pleased with the results.”

The Neurosurgeons were amazed that Roxanne wasn’t paralysed by her injuries and decided that operating was too risky. Two years to the day after the accident, she kicked up into a handstand.

She is an ardent gardener, maintains a regular practice of yoga and meditation, and currently lives on Malcolm Island in British Columbia, Canada. She met her husband Van Clayton Powel in high school and they have been together for over 50 years.


Mobile: 604.902.3881

Landline only (no text):  250.973.2035

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